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Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Refinishing your solid wood floors helps to restore your worn hardwood floors back to their original beauty. The process of refinishing consists of sanding down the floors to remove any stains and old sealers and then applying a new finish. The solid finish coat is designed to protect the wood and leave it looking beautiful and glossy.

Your Atlanta hardwood floors need refinishing when the finish on your floor has worn out and water can easily penetrate the wood. You can easily test if your finish is still good, by dropping couple of water drops onto the area of the floor with most usage. If the water soaks quickly into the wooden boards, then it is time to refinish your solid wood floor.

If your floor has started to look dull, discolored or it is starting to get scratched or warping due to wear and tear, you should probably consider refinishing it.

If you want to change your interior design and your hardwood floors do not match your new vision, floor refinishing can help you change that.
If you want to get a darker or a lighter floor, ACC Facility Services can easily do that sanding your wooden floors and applying the desired finish on them.

Hardwood Floor Repair

Sometimes it is not necessary to install new hardwood floors to get the whole floor refinished. If your Atlanta solid floor has only a handful of damaged boards, we might be able to just repair those boards.

We can help you repair your floor when there are floor boards damaged by water, by replacing the damaged boards.

We can also help repair your hardwood floors if you have tried to DIY them by sanding and polishing them yourself.
Mechanically sanding hardwood floors take a lot of skill to create a flat even floor, especially when using professional sanders.
Applying the finishing also takes some skill and eye to details to get it even and prevent it from looking splotchy.

If you need some floor fixed or your floor re-sanded, why not give us a call or fill in our free quote form.

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