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Laminate Floor Atlanta

If you love the look of hardwood floors, but not the price tag, laminate flooring might be your ideal solution. This budget friendly alternative to solid wood flooring is durable, long-lasting, easy to maintain and can look remarkably like solid wood floors.

Laminate floors are made of three layers. Base layer is a collection of waste wood fibers. Image layer, a photographic-quality image or real wood. The top transparent protective layer of two thin sheets of resin acting as a “wear layer”. The top wear layer is what makes laminate flooring impervious to pets, chairs, high heels and other common damaging elements.
Thanks to the image layer, laminate is available in a variety of colors and textures, making it ideal for decorating your Atlanta home or office.
It is the perfect solution for any living areas, kitchens, dining areas,, hallways or commercial property, that is looking for the beauty and warmth of natural wood, for the fraction of the cost.

ACC Facility Services specializes in the installation of laminate flooring for commercial and residential properties in and around Atlanta.
By installing laminate flooring, we help home and business owners cut down the costs for hardwood floors and it’s installation.
What set us apart from others is that we always ensure your underlaying floors are properly prepared and even before we install your new laminate flooring. This is to ensure the longevity of your new laminate flooring.

Laminate Floor Benefits

An impressive & convincing alternative to wood flooring, laminate flooring has become increasingly realistic and with its great number of benefits, it has become a firm favorite for Atlanta's busy households.

Durable Flooring Atlanta

Laminate flooring can easily cope with the pressure of day-to-day life in busy residential and commercial spaces.
Protected by a tough external layer and resin coating, a laminate floor is stronger and more scratch-resistant, impact-resistant and longer lasting than hardwood, vinyl, or carpet. This also makes it resistant to dogs and cats' nails.

Easy Installing Of Flooring Atlanta
Easier and Cheaper Installation

Laminate floors are typically installed as a floating floor, which consists of interlocking planks that are laid across the existing sub-floor. No adhesive, nails or staples are necessary.
With its build in click-lock system, laminate floor is faster and easier to install than traditional hardwood floors. This also saves on installation costs.

Water Resistant Flooring In Atlanta
Stain, Fade & Water Resistance

Most laminate flooring manufactures offer extensive warranty protection against stains, fading, and moisture damage.
Laminate floors are also UV resistant meaning the color of your floors is less likely to fade over time.

Easy To Clean Flooring In Atlanta
Hygienic and Easier to Clean

Laminate floor surface is easy to clean, only needing regular sweeping and mopping with mild detergent.
Laminate also repels mold and bacteria, prolonging its life and making it more sanitary than other flooring and a great option for allergy sufferers.

Atlanta Wood Flooring Installers
Realistic look

Laminate flooring is available in a huge range of finishes and colors. Depending on the quality of the laminate, some laminates can look as natural as wood.  

Eco Friend Floors In Atlanta

It is becoming increasing common for manufactures to use recycled materials, particularly for the core layer. Waste byproducts such as pre-consumer waste from timber mills. This also can make laminate itself recyclable.

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